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Jenellie Tiburana

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"I have not expected this!"

"Photo No. 1 (Upper Left): That is how my face looked after I stopped using [Product X].  I lost confidence. I can't even look at my face.

"Photo No. 2 (Upper Right): The result after using [Product Y].  Super dry.  I can't even smile.

"Photo No. 3: My face before using ONO.

"Photo No. 4: After 1 year and 2 months of using ONO, and my struggle has achieved best results. I have not expected it this way...!"  

Grace Guitguiten, Davao City, October 12, 2016


"Thank you, ONO!"

"Thank you, ONO, for transforming my skin.  I always had dry, lifeless skin.  Now, it is supple and super moisturized."

Bernice Anne Climaco, Dumaguete City, June 11, 2016


"Amazed at how smooth the skin is now."

"Remember our client's daughter? She was here a while ago.  I was amazed at how smooth her face is now!  To think that they have been to many dermatologists before ONO.  She used to be covered with huge pimples, and her parents were deeply concerned.  Now her face is very smooth. ONO is amazing!"

Atty. Negley Villanueva, Cebu City, Philippines, June 9, 2016


"Amazed at the speedy healing."

"Amazed and relieved at the speedy healing.  AIB was the first thing I applied after the accident.  Was advised by a dermatologist to apply topical antibiotic twice and day and wash with mild soap. Washed the area with Olive Cleanse before I would apply the ointment.  In between antibiotic applications, I rubbed some FMC or Body Butter (about 3x a day)."

Grace Lim, Calgary, Canada, September 21, 2016


"I see improvements."

I have been using ONO for a month and I already see improvements.  The pimple marks are still there, but my melasma is definitely lighter.  I am sending you my photo so you see what I mean."

Mary Ann Ordono, Villasis, Pangasinan, October 3, 2016


"Wounds dried up in 3 days."

"My son had impetigo (mamaso or ahas paltos) with chicken pox at the same time.  I used Xtreme Neem Soap for his wounds. The wounds dried up in a matter of 3 days.  I also applied Body Butter on the scars to help the scars heal quickly."

Mylene Mondragon Javier, Balanga, Bataan, September 29, 2016

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