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Video Tutorial: How to Achieve the Right Trace in Soapmaking

If you have a copy of the ONO Soapmaking Manual that comes with the Soapmaking Kit, you will see that I recommended the use of a stick blender when...

Adding Coloring To Your Soap

One of my email contacts said that she wants to know about food coloring in soap.  Here is what I know about that subject.  First of all, you need...

Gel Phase in Cold Process Soapmaking

DID YOU KNOW? During the COLD PROCESS of soapmaking, your soap will develop a transluscent spot in the middle. This spot will expand outward before...

How To Avoid Accidents Involving Lye

Many people would love to dabble on soapmaking, but are prevented from doing so because they are afraid of lye.  A lot has been said about lye, and...

NATURAL SOAPMAKING: Why "Melt-and-Pour" Soaps Are Not Really Soaps

NATURAL SOAPMAKING: Why "Melt-and-Pour" Soaps Are Not Really Soaps

What is soap, really?  This post will give you the answer.



Make your own Milk and Honey Soap using the ONO formula.  Read the full recipe here.
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