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Adding Coloring To Your Soap

One of my email contacts said that she wants to know about food coloring in soap.  Here is what I know about that subject. 

First of all, you need to remember that what we are trying to make here - or at least promote the making of - is NATURAL soap. Natural soap is made with the process called saponification,  Saponification happens when OIL mixes with ALKALI (which is commonly known as LYE).  Saponification can therefore be written in a simple equation of OIL + LYE.  Unless this process happens, your soap cannot be called a natural soap. 

Lye is funny.  It changes the color of most anything it mixes itself into.  Even the oils will change color as soon as lye gets into the mix.  So when it comes to COLORING your soap, the process gets tricky.  Here are the few things I learned from experience:

1. Natural Colors

Our soaps and shampoo only use the colors that come from there natural ingredients, but not all natural colors remain after lye is added into the mix.  The colors that remain are GREEN from moringa, DARK YELLOW from turmeric, LIGHT YELLOW from carrot, BROWN from coffee and neem bark powder, and of course BLACK from activated charcoal.  

I tried using BEET ROOT JUICE for red, and TERNATEA for purple. The colors did not stay.  

2. Food Color

We experimented with food color before, and the same thing happened.  My husband used GREEN on our early version of aloe vera, but when the lye was mixed, the green turned PINK.  We have not used any food colors since, but my take is that, if you use food color, here are the things you need to do:

a. Experiment with what food colors stay, and what they change into.  Mix different colors in controlled measure and see what colors you can create. And when I mean experiment, I mean with lye.  The only way you know what color the added colors come up to would be to mix them in lye.  

b. Add the colors last, right before trace.  

3. Synthetic Colors

I have read that synthetic colors stay reven if mixed wit lye, but I honestly have no personal experience.  We have never used synthetics on our products. 

I hope this article helps.  Let me know if you have questions.  Send me an email at, or text me at 0917-3287082.  


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