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Video Tutorial: How to Achieve the Right Trace in Soapmaking

If you have a copy of the ONO Soapmaking Manual that comes with the Soapmaking Kit, you will see that I recommended the use of a stick blender when making soap, as opposed to the handheld mixer.  My reason has been that if you use a handheld mixer, it will take you a very long time to achieve trace.  When I used a handheld mixer for the first time, I had been mixing for 30 minutes and all I achieved was a very light trace, which meant that I needed to mix it some more. 

But using the stickblender also did not solve the problem entirely.  When I used the stick blender, I achieved heavy trace too soon!  Like, I would achieve heavy trace in less than 5 minutes. This is a porblem becasue at this stage, it will be difficult to mould and manipulate the soaps.  The result is usually soap with many holes owing to air pockets. 

Yesterday, I discovered that there is a better way to mxi the soap batter.  You simply alternate the stick blender and the handheld mixer.  This video will show you how. 

To see the video, CLICK HERE.

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