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"Singaw" or Mouthsore: Treat It With AIB

With ONO AIB (Anti-Itch Healing Balm)

1. Get a piece of cotton and turn it into a ball. The size of the ball will depend on the location of your Singaw. The cotton ball must be of such size as will allow it remain in your mouth without difficulty or discomfort.

2. Swipe the cotton ball on your AIB. Allow a generous amount of AIB to stick to the cotton ball. Put the cotton ball inside your mouth. Make sure that the face of the cotton ball with AIB on it is facing your Singaw. 

3. Leave it on for as long as possible. You can even leave it on overnight, depending on the location of the Singaw. If you have to spit out the cotton ball to eat or drink, make sure to apply another one as soon as you are done. 

4. Repeat the process until the Singaw heals. It can take 1-2 days, depending on the size of the Singaw. NOTE: Start this procedure as soon as you notice a Singaw in your mouth. The smaller the Singaw is, the faster it is to heal.

5. AIB may be replaced by Body Butter or FMC, but AIB heals the Singaw faster.


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