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This collection includes all variants of our ONO soaps.  It also includes our dog soap called Tender Pet.  We have also included a wooden, fully biodegradable soap dish, just in case you cannot find an appropriate soap dish to go with our soaps.

All soaps in this collection (except Tender Pet) are olive-oil based.  They are made of olive oil and coconut oil, and then added with fruit, vegetable or plant extracts, or other organic ingredients, to create different variants.

Tender Pet, on the other hand, is also made of olive oil and coconut oil. However, the proportion of olive oil is smaller in Tender Pet than in our other (i.e. human) soaps.  We have to note, however, that even our Tender Pet soap is safe for use by humans.

Like every other ONO product, ONO soaps are all-natural.  Yes, we use caustic soda when making them, but caustic soda evaporates completely during the curing process and none is left in the soap when it is released for use.

Every ONO soap you use is guaranteed to be all-natural and free of artificial additives and chemicals.


Discount for the small soap begins at 11 bars of assorted variants. Just buy at least 11 bars of soap, mixed variants, and you will get them all at discounted price.

Discount for big soaps begin at 21 bars, assorted variants.  Just buy at least 21 bars of big soaps, mixed variants, and you will get them all at discounted price.  

Discount for Tender Pet begins at 11 bars.  Buy at least 11 bars of Tender Pet and you will get them at discounted price. 

Discount for the Soap Cuttings are made via Discount Coupon.  You can earn a Discount Coupon if your order is at least P2,400.00 worth of products.  After that order is shipped, we will send you your Discount Code.  You can use that Discount Code when you order again. 

For large orders, you may use the Bulk Order Page.  

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