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Black Soap

Black Soap
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The difference between an ordinary pimple and an acne is not just the size of the pimple.  It is the size of the pain - and the shame.  I met a very nice young man a couple of years ago.  He was (and is) very good-looking, except for one thing: at that time, he had acne scattered all over his face.  They were angry and red and had pus, and I could almost feel the pain that came with them.  I could also tell he was somehow conscious of their presence.

I gave him several ONO soap variants to try.  I told him to try them all and see which one works.  After a few weeks, he told me that ONO Black Soap worked best for him.  And indeed it did.  His acne disappeared one by one and did not return. He has been using ONO Black since.  Today, he only has a few scars here and there to remind him of how bad it was before ONO.  

ONO Black is made of olive oil, coconut oil, and fine activated carbon from coconut shell.


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