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For Melasma

The melasma that can be addressed by the products in this collection is the kind that is caused by over-peeling and over-bleaching due to excessive use of peeling, bleaching and whitening products.  

It is uncertain whether our products can help remove melasma and sunspots that occur on naturally fair skin when exposed to too much sun.  Our advise for those with fair skin is to use sunblock whenever they go out, even when they are not exposed to the sun directly.  The sunblock will help prevent the development of melasma and sunspots.

Here is how to use the products in this collection:

THE SOAPS.  Replace your chemical-based soap with one of the ONO soaps in this collection.  It is important that you stop using chemical-based soaps, especially ones that peel, bleach or whiten.

THE FMC.  Use the Facial Moisturizing Cream (FMC) to replace your chemical-based creams.  You may use the FMC both day and night.  It is oil-based, so if you find it too oily to use during the day, you may use it at bedtime.  It is imperative that you stop using chemical-based creams on your face, especially those that claim to peel, whiten or bleach your skin. 

THE AIB. The AIB does not only heal itches and infections.  It also have superb toning properties.  That is why we call it our "oil-based toner".  Use the AIB in the place of your chemical- and alcohol- based toners. You may use it either during the night or the day.  It is imperative that you stop using chemical- and alcohol- based toners, otherwise your face will continue to peel off or bleach.  

THE SUN BLOCKER 30.  Use our sunblock if you have to go out in the sun.  It will protect your face from harmful UV rays.

THE MELASMA TRIAL SET.  We have added a Melasma Trial Set into this collection. You may get that set instead of individual products. However, please note that the Melasma Trial Set does not have Sun Blocker 30.  If you want to get that, kindly add it to your cart.

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