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For Scars

Our products are most effective against recent scars.  Older scars take longer to remove, if at all.  Our advise, therefore, is to begin treatment as soon as the wound shows signs of healing.  

How long it takes to remove the scars depends largely on the age of the scar, the age of the patient, and how bad the scar is to begin with.  Recent superficial scars on children and teenagers will undoubtedly fade faster than childhood scars of older patients.  One feedback from a 48-year-old says it took 2 years of ONO use for her childhood scars to fade.

Here is how to use the products in this collection: 

THE SOAPS.  The soaps in this collection are known to exfoliate old skin.  Use these soaps to replace your usual chemical-based soaps.  Chemicals tend to harden the skin, thus making scar-removal even harder.  

THE BODY BUTTER.  Do not use lotion on the scar area.  Lotions contain chemicals the dry up and harden the skin, thus making scar-removal more difficult.  Instead of lotion, use Moisturizing Body Butter on the affected area.  Body Butter has cocoa butter which is known for its scar-removing properties.

THE FMC.  If the scar is on your face, you may want to use Facial Moisturizing Cream (FMC) instead of Body Butter.  While both FMC and Body Butter have cocoa butter, only FMC has toning properties that will refine the pores and erase the lines and wrinkles on your face.  

THE MUDPACK.  While the soaps may exfoliate, their exfoliation is very mild, so you may want to help it along with the use of the mudpack.  Use the mudpack as scrub on the scar itself.  If the scar is on the body, you may scrub daily.  If it is on the face, use the scrub 2-3 times a week.

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