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ONO Scrubs are of two kinds: (1) the mudpack and (2) the salt scrub.

The MUDPACK is made of zeolite. It has many uses.  It can be used as a detox facial mask, as a body and facial scrub, and as a detox pack for infections, among others. 

The SALT SCRUB is made of sea salt.  It can be used either as body scrub and as salt bath.  It comes in 4 variants: (1) Lavender, (2) Cinnamon and Nutmeg, (3) Peppermint and Spice, and (4) Coffee.

Both types of scrub are guaranteed to be all-natural and free of artificial additives and chemicals.


Discount for the scrubs begins at 21 packs.  Just buy 21 packs of scrubs, mixed kinds, and get all of them at discount.

For large orders, you may use the Bulk Order Page.    

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