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Aloe-Moringa Shampoo Bar (or

Aloe-Moringa Shampoo Bar (or "Shampoo Bar")
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This ONO product is made of Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Glycerine, Essential Oils, PLUS one or more of the following: Aloe Vera Extract, Moringa Extract, Gogo Extract, Guava Leaf Extract, Neem Extract.  It comes in bars of 67g. 

It is called "Shampoo Bar" but is also known as "Aloe-Moringa Shampoo Bar" after its main ingredients. 

WE ARE NOT MAKING ANY THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS, but feedbacks say that this product has been used against hair fall and to promote hair growth. 


May not be used on babies less than 2 years old.  If used on babies and children, care must be taken to avoid the eye area. This product is NOT sting-free.

Instead of shampoo, we suggest Olive Cleanse Soap for the hair of babies under 2 years old.

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