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Carrot Soap

Carrot Soap
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Our Carrot Soap is NOT colored orange.  Do you know why?

Your usual chemical-based soaps have artificial ingredients in them that are often harsh on the skin and leave it dry.  COLOR is one of them. 

The usual carrot soap you find in the market is colored orange. But while the carrot vegetable itself is orange, its juice does not remain orange after you mix it with oils.  When the juice is diluted by the oils, its color turns from orange to dark yellow. 

A truly all-natural (or organic) carrot soap, therefore, is colored yellow (or dark yellow).  It cannot be orange. If it is colored orange, it could only be because it has been added with an artificial orange color.  And depending on what type of artifical ingredient it is, it could be the one ingredient that causes your skin to become dry after your shower, or leave you with a rash.

ONO Carrot Soap is colored dark yellow and not orange.  That's because its color comes from its natural ingredient only, and not from any artificial coloring.  If you are looking for a truly gentle and moisturizing soap that can also fight pimples and lighten skin tone, ONO Carrot Soap is the soap for you.  

ONO Carrot Soap is made of olive oil, coconut oil, and fresh carrot extract.  

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