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Melasma Trial Set

Melasma Trial Set
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The soaps in this set have been reported to be effective against melasma (or pekas).  However, if you have never used our products before, you likely do not know which of them will work best on your skin.  To find out, we suggest you get this set and try all of the four soaps that we have included.  After you have consumed the soaps in this set, you can then buy only those variants that you like best.

The creams included in this set are intended to substitute your evening and day creams and toners, especially because we highly encourage you to stop using your chemical-based toners and creams - especially the ones that promise to peel and whiten. 


SOAP: Pick a variant and use it until you consume all of the pieces in this set.  Observe how it feels on your skin. The melasma will not disappear overnight, but in many cases, it does show distinct lightening of the melasma. 

FMC: We highly recommend you stop using your peeling/whitening creams and toners.  You can replace them with this cream.  It is great for moisturizing. It has a slight toning effect as well.  Great to use either during the day or night, and can be used perfectly as a make-up primer.

AIB: We highly recommend that you stop using all your alcohol-based toners, especially those that promise to whiten or peel the skin.  If you are one of those who must use a toner (say, to remove lines and wrinkles, or to minimize pores), we recommend you use AIB instead, especially at night. 


This set contains four each of the following soap variants: Olive Turmeric, Carrot, Milk and Papaya-Turmeric; one Facial Moisturizing Cream (FMC), and one Anti-Itch Healing Balm (AIB). 

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