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Pimple Trial Set

Pimple Trial Set
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Many of our soaps are effective against pimples. However, which specific variant works for you may depend on your skin type.  The only way you can determine is to try as many of our soap variants as possible so that in the process, you will be able to find the variant that works best for you.

This set includes the 15 soap variants which have been reported by our customers to be effective against pimples. 

It also includes Anti-Itch Healing Balm (AIB) which is also effective in healing inflamed and infected pimples and acne, as well as Mudpack, which detoxifies pimples and shrinks them in the process.  Again, whether these products will work for you depends on your skin type. They are included in this set to allow you to try them out and see how they work for your skin.


SOAP: Use only one kind of soap for 3-5 days.  Observe.  If the soap works, your pimples will heal in 1 or 2 days.  If the pimples do not heal, move to the next variant.  If your pimples are healing, but you are still getting new pimples, it means the soap is working.  Sometimes, the cause for pimple growth is internal. If that is the case, then our products cannot prevent their growth. They can only help hasten the HEALING process. 

AIB: Use AIB on the pimple itself.  Simply pat a small amount of AIB on each pimple at least three times a day. Make sure your fingers are clean when you apply AIB. Leave AIB on at night, and keep a tub of AIB in your purse or pocket so you can apply it on your pimple anytime anywhere. (AIB is also effective against insect bites and burns, so it is good to keep nearby.) 

MUDPACK: Mudpack is a detox mask. When you have found your soap, use the mudpack once a week to detoxify your skin further.  Sometimes, the detox process brings out more pimples. Do not be alarmed. This is normal.  It will go again after 5-10 days.  After that, your face will be clearer.  


This set contains 15 soaps, 1 tub of AIB, and 1 pack of Mudpack.  The soap variants included in this set are: Moringa-Lemongrass, Olive Cleanse, Carrot, Xtreme Neem, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Papaya-Turmeric, Black, Neem-Lemongrass, Oat and Rice, Guava Lemongrass, Olive Turmeric, Noni, Salt Bar, and Mangosteen.

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