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Salt Body Scrub
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As a kid, I loved the sea.  Since I grew up in a seaside town, I spent almost every day of my childhood in the sea or at the beach. 

My association with the sea taught me that the sea does not only give tans.  It also heals.  If I had cuts, the sea healed them in just one dip.  If I had cough, or a running nose, a swim in the sea facilitated quicker healing.  The sea has healing properties, and every kid who grew up by the sea knows that.  

We made ONO Salt Body Scrub to recreate the sea experience even when we cannot go to the sea as often as we did when we were kids. ONO Salt Body Scrub can heal cuts, wounds and infections.  You can also pour a pack or two of Salt Body Scrub into a tub of warm water to give you a relaxing soak at the end of a busy day.

ONO Salt Body Scrub comes in three variants, i.e. (1) Lavender, (2) Coffee, and (3) Peppermint and Spice. Regardless of which variant you use, you bring the healing properties of the sea into your bathroom everytime you open a pack of ONO Salt Body Scrub.  

ONO Salt Body Scrub is made of Sea Salt, VCO, and Essential Oils.  


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