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Skin Lightening Trial Set

Skin Lightening Trial Set
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We have to emphasize that skin lightening is NOT our emphasis at ONO.  We have been telling clients that we at ONO believe that the Filipino "kayumangi" color is a beautiful color, and that we would never want to change it.

However, despite our emphatic statement, clients have continued to ask us for products that lighten their skin color.  For this reason, and only to cater to our customers' demands, we have come up with this set. 

This set will not make you paper-white.  It will only lighten your skin color - not overnight but in the course of regular and continued use. All the soaps in this set have natural exfoliating and bleaching properties, which makes them effective for those who want lighter skin tones.

This is called a trial set because this is intended for trial.  After you have found the soap that suits you best, you do not have to order the other kinds. 


Replace your regular soap with any soap in this set.  Use only one kind until you consume all of its kind in this set, and observe if it is working on you.  After you consume one kind, move on to the next, then to the next, until you find the soap that suits you best. 


You may use the soaps both on your face and on your body.  HOWEVER, if you already have melasma on your face, do not use the soaps on your face. Instead, get the Melasma Trial Set.


This set has 3 of each of the following, or a total of 15 items, as follows:

37g Papaya Whitening Soap

37g Papaya-Turmeric Soap

37g Black Soap

67g Papaya-Turmeric Soap

67g Black Soap

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