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Tender Pet Soap

Tender Pet Soap
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This ONO product is a soap for dogs and other furry pets. This is made of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Anise and Neem Extract.  It comes in bars of 68g. 

WE ARE NOT MAKING ANY THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS, but feedbacks say that this product has been used and found to have the following benefits:

- Gentle on Dog’s Skin

- Promotes Shiny and Fluffy Hair

- Promotes Healthy Hair

- Heals Rashes and Allergies

- Addresses Minor Tick/Flea Problems

How To Use:

Use in replacement of your usual chemical-based dog shampoo. May be used 2 times a week.  This product can address minor tick and flea problems, but if your dog is exposed to an infestation, you may need to use another product. 

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